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"Ultimately, your advertising success stems from resources, marketing planning, sales team, AD message, brand awareness, value proposition, reaction to a product campaign, and company image etc....

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Creative Design
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Ever Wonder Why? AD Agencies... Digital Media Looks Very Similar to Most Law Firms?

We only work with a small number of pro teams, colleges, and product manufacturers at one time. That said, Advertising Track is NOT a consulting mill filled with creative professionals that “know best.” As such, quality and word-of-mouth reputation is our objective. Separating you from your money is NOT on our list of “things-to-do.” And so, with primary marketing research in-hand from fans of all “walks-of-life,” we combine these findings with advanced micro-targeting methods. Collectively, Advertising Track has the capability to assist you with all your marketing endeavors for increasing brand equity and product sales. Specifically, in stadium Attendance, on-line bookstores and/or university enrollment.
Brand Purpose
Advertising Track

understands the importance of leaving no stone unturned... which, requires: crafting designs and develop marketing content that works for many purposes.


Every one says that they're different.

So we aren’t going to tell you that.

However, we might say...

Advertising Track is ONE of the most creative and

innovative marketing companies that you are likely to meet.

Boutique,yes... nevertheless - a premier studio and professionals

second to no-one. We have no interest in being the biggest or

most expensive. Irrelevant metrics by any industry definition.

Our criteria for success may be a bit different.

And, we are not going to try and impress you with cost-per-thousand jargon

that other firms may use which makes no sense and again is irrelevant.

Campaign Communication Transfer Model

We are certified Campaign Management Professionals (PMP).

We built a framework in which AD creativity is established

by strategy, synchronization, and mapping.

Systematic analysis and insights strive for

competitive timing & industry synergy.


7th Inning "Stretch"

is a tradition that takes place between the

halves of the seventh inning. Fans generally stand.

It is also a popular time to get a snack or beverage.

Most ballpark crowds in professional stadiums

take the initiative to use their vocal abilities in a sing-along.

"Take Me Out to the Ball Game." This Ad gingle sub-consciously

triggers an internal message for all and correspondingly

generates several $M every year in concession stand revenue.

Such is the power of Advertising

Products associated with different type of athlites,universities, and professional

teams have all made their way into every nook and corner of the country/world.

This obviously includes... blogs and social media which even grants students

as well as fans the potential ability to "gather information"

which is available anytime - via the internet.

Moreover, with the help of interactive customer service...

which runs non - stop these days... teams are able to drive higher profits

and execute ticket purchases with clients in an effortless manner.

When you opt for Advertising Track services, our marketing solutions

will yield a positive result:effective Ads=higher ROI.

Accelerate the pace of promotion campaigns

Decrease your spend on media distribution

University Recruitment

It hase been accepted that there is no barriers

to student recruitment and product sales with branded

college products. "Sports marketing" is the viable way

for achiving both.

With years of experience in campaign management,we are able to

offer solutions that will bring about rapid lead reponse and

actionalbe selling insight.

This includes:

1.) New Product R&D / On-Line Marketing

2.) ProCam "Game Board" ADs

3.) Micro-Targeting utilizing printed magzines

4.) Events at high schools and community colleges

5.)Webinars (per program) for potential incoming students

6.) Recruiting infomercials with in a given target area

7.) Marketing processes and effective change management methods

for removing obstacles that impede student enrollment or

on-line bookstore purchases.

8.) Behind the scenes - YouTube - TV advertisement & video production

9.) Showcase your university culture which subsequently
fosters dialogue and exchange of information.

If you are looking to impart seamless
advertising at an affordable price,
then Advertising Track can help.

We are one of Orange Country's new independent "marketing" company. NOT a franchise. We are a small company with a very broad range of capabilities. Our reputation will build over a short period of time. "Personnal"- really good at what they do best. Not MBA's fresh out of graduate school. We provide media design, advertising, strategic planning, print production, and marketing research both (primary and secondary).

We believe that innovation (for it's own sake) is a by-product of creativity; thereby, must be predicated on sound login and strategy. If there's one thing that distinguishes us from the pack, it would be our commercial concept selection process that is steeped with industrial designing and relevance.

We consider every angle before making recommendations, while keeping an eye on a given budget. If we can't add value, we simply not accept an assignment regardless of how lucrative it might be.

An idea from Advertising Track may be worth a forture, but it won't use cost one.

At Advertising Track we don't just rely on conventional wisdom. We take time to understand our clients needs. And, most importantly, we listen. Really.

Our work characterized by an overarching commitment to achive outstanding results. What's more, we test campaigns prior to launching, amendments are made which gaurantees maximum results.

Our mission: Originality coupled with ingenuity in order to make your product or service stand-out.


We believe that enduring ideas are the key to successful AD communications. It was true when we started in 2015, and it is true today and will be true tomorrow. So, everything we do, supports that thought. Advertising Track’s capabilities begin at the very inception of a campaign: giving tangible form to the personality of your service(s) or product(s). Over the years, Advertising Track has been particularly successful in brand creation & promotion of various sports products. We have an impressive record in the art of developing ideas that work.

So ask yourself, “Does Your Product Marketing or Online AD Display communicate AD messages which most audiences "will get," or does it elicit dis-likability and confusing? We recommend a popular alternate approach to continuous AD tracking, that is : AD Longitudinal Design - which is where the same people are interviewed at two points in time about a specific campaign or Idea. Specifically, changes in brand awareness are measured.

for example: brand purchasing and future purchase intentions exhibited among those who have seen your advertisement are compared. In doing so, changes in brand awareness can be measured to some extent.

Advertising Track can then isolate marketplace changes
that were produced by a partcular advertisement versus
those that would have occurred without.

AD Tracking

AD Tracking (post-effectiveness), entails monitoring a brand’s product
performance i.e. awareness and attitudes versus the competition.

And length of AD flight and money spent are both factored.

We analyze a particular campaign that was launched in

order to determine the strength of correlation between
expenditures and product- brand awareness

In essence, the purpose of our “measures” pertain(s) to quality of media buy and the creativeness therein when compared to pricing variability, distribution, & place.

Advertising Track emphasizes tracable and measurable
responses that maximizes response rates.

The Mystery Box has now been Opened

1.)We provide marketing planning as every client is diffrent
2.) Analyze target audiences / Utilize Project Management tech
3.) Develop EXPERT Copyright / Positioning
4.) Content Promotion / Tracking to Media & Blogs
5.) Reporting placements in real-time including metro markets, prominence
rankings for online placements as well as social media engagements views
and impressions; thereby, drilling down from the aggregate to individuals

Product Advertising

One given opinion is that our world is going digital - indeed, the Internet has changed the whole world. Nevertheless, Sports Marketing / Product Ads take-on a more traditional form.
With that said, our digital experts can start with building a fantastic website that's professional and user friendly. We then can go on to develop an on-line strategy for our clients by combining search marketing and social media, and on-line PR with other off-line activities. The impact of social media has been both inevitable

and irreversible. We help our clients identify areas of the social web where their target audiences are most active and ensure that their presence is equally felt.Our digital solutions exploit the power of the Internet and social media landscape; thereby, enabling clients to build interactive relationship(s) with their customers, suppliers and shareholders. By combining our valuable strategic and creative branding experience with technological capabilities... we’re always able to deliver effective results.

Measuring advertising success can be elusive. Given that marketing has become very costly, we take advantage of technology combined with an integrated approach. Most of all, we bring creativity and a unique flair to every project. If we can’t add value for whatever the reason, we won’t accept the assignment

Media Selection & Creative Design

Big ideas don’t just come from thin air. Clever /Inventive concepts are derived from top-notch research, obtaining valuable customer insights and
a team of cross-disciplined individuals working together with a goal of
meet a clients ’ needs. From a blank piece of paper...Advertising Track
is capable of generating both convergent as well as divergent approaches
in order to bring all aspects together. The Net Result: creation of a compelling
personal experience that help clients with acquiring more custmers.

The creative process involves ideas, communications, and services that
provoke or invite individuals to participate in order to provide a
customer experience with the brand;
ultimately, increasing customer value
and building long-term relationships.
Once given a “green-light... ” to move
forward with a particular concept, we
complete final rendrings and agree on
a campaign schedule. Proofs are swiftly
completed to everyone’s liking. Mean-
while, a dashboard is set-up for progress
snap-shots using cloud based technology.

Branded Entertainment
Corporate Storytelling / Writing

Thinking out of-the-box is our specialty. And we get that
brand awareness is what separates you from your
competitors. Moreover , we understand that advertising
effectivness is a critical element in any product marketing effort.

Let our team of writers make your story come alive. What better way
to tell your brand’s story than by actually telling a story.
Advertising Track can put your brand
character in the middle of engaging content
that your customers will find very interesting.

Our experience encompasses SPORTS
industry sector, products and
services therein, and operating in most
every associated market segment, from
regional to multi-national. In all, our
principles continue to be true: focus on “the”
clients ’ strengths, attributes, and
competitive edge; hence, maximizing value
by minimizing the cost of capital outlay.

Content Marketing (Digital or Print)

Generally speaking, embellishment of a message is never recommended.
In fact, just the opposite is true. Content should rather be part
of a language that distinguishes your companys’ communication from another. More than an appealing image or a catchy word in “vogue” (like:“epic”) effective marketing makes its own statement. Importantly, it helps establish brand personality and identity, Advertising adds layers of meaning and feeling, and puts a creative spin on ideas. What’s more, content marketing is a vehicle which creates a means for context. And so, these principles should continually guide a team of writers, illustrators, graphic artists and production specialists. With all that said, Advertising Track‘s team can be counted on to deliver such. Specifically, an optimum mix that yield effective ADs. Your project will be on time, change management well understood in real-time, and possible alternatives mapped against a corresponding budget. Typically, a distinct design and / or message (new or existing produc) is simply a matter a flushing-out concepts(convergent & divergent),Subsequently followed by media production / team execution. Explained further on our“Creative Work” web page as well as “Media Planning.”

Whether it’s a corporate AD, logo naming-graphical, print media, web site design, newsletter,signage-billboard, product catalog, direct mailer, marketing collateral , trade show exhibit, and / or conducting an annual shareholders meeeting... ingenuity and experience is what makes us stand out. We absolutely guarantee that our team will produce excellent results. In sum, a collective understanding of your goals and objectives coupled with an approriate target audience(s)provides a meaningful foundation for success.

Sales Acceleration

As available choices in media continue to multiply, and costs go spiraling
upwards, well-informed marketing becomes vital in media selection.
Increases in advertising costs have far outstripped almost all other areas of
inflation. It is, therefore,critical. We remain well tuned to the complexities
and constraints in the marketplace. We bring to the table a detailed grasp
of a clients’ targeting needs, and an understanding of their audiences
, supplemented by up-to-date research analysis coupled with market
intelligence. The outcome is a professional package of media
solution which which are visually creative, effective and responsible.

There are several media assets
that makes it easier for customers
to engage or disengage with your brand.
It all depends on marketing planning
and campaign budget. We can assist you
with both strategy and tactical channel
exectuion so your desired audience is
considering your team event and wants to
buy your products (displaying your mascot).

Campaign Management

All costs are thoroughly explained up-front per a detailed work-breakdown-structure.

Benefits Include:

Leverage collective knowledge

Incorporate multiple viewpoints

Work toward the same goals

Define and enforce business rules

before-after cause and effect

Attention to thresholds / actions

Visualize performance trends

Workforce metrics - analytics

Assess adverse impacts sooner

Accountability for performance

By previewing potential changes, you’ll be able to
weigh potential alternatives before committing to
a particular course of action. And so, critical items
that warrant visibility and resolution are
pro-actively managed

Market Research

While specific aspects of advertising can vary from business to
business, there are fundamental deliverables common to mos t
marketing initiatives. This includes short and long-term goals,
prudent tactics, and realistic objectives.

And so, turning your vision into a reality should indeed consider a
situation analysis coupled with market research (custom or syndicated)
to substantiate moving forward with a new advertising campaign.
In doing so, measuring advertising ROI is within the realm of possibilities.
We incorporate consumer psychology as suggestive measures in order to

effectively influence market behavior.
When articulating a marketing plan,
we give careful thought and
deliberation prior to allocating
critical path resources. We are eager
to show examples as well as
show you a few of our ideas.
We can confident that we
can bring value to your project.

Intellectual Property (IP) - Design

We collaborate with only a select number of outstanding IP legal professionals.
In doing so, Advertising Track can provide the very best foresight needed to
bring about a desired patent, copyright, or trademark. Included in this service
is nothing short of favorable interaction with examiners from U.S.P.T.O. gov.
Typical results tend to be quite incredible.

Planned IP can help companies minimize the cost of capital and maximize
the stability of its investor base. It can also add perceived value with relation
to it’s market position. Moreover, IP can help attract fresh interest and
stimulate new demand. While our prowess in strategy and positioning is
widely acknowledged, we’re equally skilled in providing ergonomic product
design input as well as other stylistic elements. In all, Advertising Track has

a wide-range of skills not seen
at other agencies.
Finally, we
make working
and other
easy, fun,
and prosperous.

Print Collateral with Special Effects

We specialize in engraving, foil stamping, embossing, debossing,
die cutting, large format thermography
digital and traditional
offset lithography in house. We deliver the highest quality
products possible, on budget, and on time.

Paper(s) that probably you have never been introduced to... we will show.
Cool, yes... ultra. One of our favorit es is a ribbed card stock. Then, add some varnish - gloss, satin, or soft touch. One interesting use of spot varnish is to put dull varnish on a 4 color image, giving it contrast against a gloss background.

Special inks with fine reflective metallic particles create a shine and luster you won't see in standard inks. Silver and gold metallics are most common, but metallic inks also come in bright blues, hot reds and burnished coppers. Metallic inks are a great way to add pizzazz to your design or highlight a logo or headline.

Embossing uses a specially-made die under high pressure to form a raised three-dimensional impression that allows you to literally feel the design. It is a graceful effect that bring a touch of class to your piece. Embossing can be used on its own or in combination with 4-8 color printing or foil stamping. Foiling,
uses heated die fuses the foil onto the paper, bonding the design to
the surface. The same area can then embossed with a die to create
a raised three three-dimensional image.

Die cutting lets you create a limitless range of contours - from
unconventional corners to perfect circles to the outline of a logo
or image. A die cut provides a tactile and visual edge to distinguish your piece.

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