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Advertising Track specializes in:

1) Tracking the effctiveness of a given AD
2) AD ideation process / orchestration
3) Consumer trade promotion - events
4) Creative AD development (direct marketing)
5) TV commercials (+online TV commercials)
6) Print media & packaging

We typically begin an engagement by asking a few questions:

A. Where & When to test a given AD campaign?
B. Does increasing advertising budget directly increase sales?
C. Budget outlays of integrated marketing mix / means?
D. Given media classes and sub-classes used?
E. Overall marketing vehicle options / scheduling?
F. Positioning of AD copy (target & segment) ?
G. Situation and opportunity analysis?
H. How are synergistic effects achieved - message?
I. Competitive advantage and elements involved?
J. What is the image, brand equity-promise, and pricing strategy?
K. What is the product perception and customer value?
L. What are the functional & psych benefits w/product?
M. Are sourcing & product distribution channels optimized?

We believe innovation is a product of creativity; where imagery and language come together... With a focus on strategic fit, hard facts, and relevance... we consider every angle before making a recommendation. Keeping an eye on a given budget, we are certified project managers who understand the importance of a well thought-out plan. Delivering value in the most effective way possible is a given.

Please select One

  • Opportunity
  • New Idea(s)
  • Best Practices
  • Design/Prototype
  • IP Protfolio / Research
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Brand Purpose

Advertising Track
understands the
importance of
leaving no
We create
that work
for many


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  • Introduction
  • Design / IP
  • Branding
  • Sales Acceleration
  • Content Marketing
  • AD Tracking
  • Campaign Mgmt
  • Print / Special Effects

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Your story told in
just the right way is ...
No one can do this
the way we can. Our
content writers are
second to none.
Tangible results
can inlcude building
company spirit among
your workers & inspire
loyalty with customers.

  • Market Positioning
  • Logo / Tagline
  • Branding
  • Audience Profiling
  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Social / PR Planning

Step 1

The creative process
(see About Us)
can bring a branding
effort to the forefront.
This is where our clients
gain an unfair edge.
Our ideas are money
makers time & again.

  • Website Development
  • Collateral Material
  • Digital Media
  • Creative Design / Print
  • Trade Show / Events
  • Email Campaign
  • Broadcast / Video

Step 2

Campaign Management

Story delivery to your
target audience at just
the right time.
ADs are tracked to
ensure your
ROI has been achieved.

  • Social Media
  • Project Management
  • Public Relations
  • Media Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Analytics

Step 3

What Happy Clients Are Saying

Advertising Track services are a source of inspiration.
You simplified our complicated marketing
processes and made it easy.”

Sensitivity and natural creativity. This is how we
describe Advertising Track. They are extremely
professional and “very innovative.”

Advertising Track had to quickly understand our
marketplace, then subsequently apply this
knowledge for driving a perfect marketing solution.

Advertising Track is one
of those companies I wish
I had noticed sooner.
Steve P is a creative
genius and an expert
with convergent as well
as divergent
concept ideation.

Don Harris Paramount Pictures

My goodness,
words can’t adequately
describe my appreciation.
Steve has been such
a pleasure to work
with on both of our
State Street Bank
Superb Job!

William Hourihan IBM

Steve was tasked to work
on 1 of our strategic
initiatives. There were
several consulting firms
asked to particpate. The
process he created brought
together strategic planning,
corp portfolio objectives,
& marketing. A marvelous
outcome. Thanks

Hillary BuckmanAXA / The Equitable

The work Ad Track
did on one of my clients
projects ensured that
our company will be
around in the next
several years ahead.
Service goals achieved
could have only been
achieved through
innovative thought.
Fantastic Work.

Kathy PopeAccenture

Steve was chartered to provide
ideas related to Chase Corp new
Auto Portal. In doing so, the
MKTG effort included naming &
graphical UI concepts. While
working in Garden City, NY...
Steve conducted extensive mkt
research coupled with focus
group discussions. Net Result:
DealerTrack was created to fan
fare. Brilliant Work.


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  • planning 1
  • Strategy 2
  • Content MKT 3
  • Media Selection 4
  • Tactics 5

Bold Innovative Change

Change is most successful when begun at the top or supported by top-management; failure often
results when such is not the case. Utilizing a well dened road map to the future requires a
path to follow in making the right decisions.

Our CEO is an inventor with several patents as well as an innovator who feels that the only constant in life is
“change.” As such, he is a project management enthusiast (PMP) and has earned a MBA - MS from Clemson.

Innovation is a top priority for many CEOs, who understand that brands and innovative new products
and services are an engine to growth and prosperity. However, translating these aspirations into reality
require(s) treating transformation as a key business process; thereby, providing solutions in order to gain
a competitive advantage... Hence, a systematic approach for capturing and selecting ideas necessitates
a process for concept selection, strategy, and planning. When deciding on projects to invest in,
the ability to measure potential value in a consistent typically (more times than not) leads to optimal
decisions that favorably contribute to a firms bottom-line performance. Begin with:

  • Cogent game plan - an optimized portfolio to meet customer & market needs
  • Eliminate incremental value projects / equal focus on divergent ideas - concepts
  • Place a spotlight on resource constraints & bottlenecks / over committment










“Ultimately, your advertising success stems from resources,
marketing planning, sales, AD message, brand awareness,
value proposition, product campaign, and company image....

(FaceBook Quote)

It’s all about the creative process.

Most consumers admire innovative products
as well as clever advertising. Regrettably,
not many AD’s fall into this category.

What’s more, most advertising innovations
seen on TV are really bad. Moreover, they
even more annoying when the “mute”
button is warranted.

Along these lines, cheap print
marketing typically make their way to our
trash in lightning speed. Sadly, the truth
is that shoddy brochures rarely alter a
purchasing decision.

The first essential element needed for
an effective AD is common sense coupled
with a good plan-attack. Noteworthy -
we are PMP certified consultants and
are outstanding strategic planners
as well as tactical campaign managers.

Collectively, great advertising stems from
ideation, ingenuity, and compelling

Change Management

2 Tired Model

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